REVIEW: Epidermis Circus

By Paul Blinov

You’ll never look at your hands the same way again.

Epidermis Circus is “a spicy puppetry cabaret” from Ingrid Hansen, known for Fringe shows like The Merkins Sisters and Interstellar Elder, and puppet gigs with the Jim Henson Company. The puppets here are mostly parts of her own body, which she puts to inventive use after inventive use in a riotous, surreal hour that lands somewhere between Famous Puppet Death Scenes and a David Cronenberg film.

With a table of tiny sets, live-feed cameras and lights, Hansen works fleshy magic: half the fun is watching what she’s doing on the table while seeing the results projected on the large screen beside her. Her command of her art is astounding: it’s sheer inventiveness delivered with madcap brio. You’ll never know what’s about to happen in Epidermis Circus, except that it will be both freaky and wonderful.


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