REVIEW: 1-Man No-Show

Theatre itself under the microscope.

By Ben Blyth

Issac Kessler places theatre itself under the microscope in this mesmeric hour of existential antics from a performer with an entrancing disposition.

1-Man No-Show asks the big questions: What is theatre? What is a show? Where am I? When am I? Why am I wearing two pairs of pants? What is art?

The show is divided into movements (“good bits” and “bad bits”), which explore different aspects of plays and play-going; ranging from lighting and sound to puppetry and mine. The audience is not free from scrutiny either, and Kessler is skilled at encouraging a safe environment for inclusive interaction.

1-Man No-Show offers a soul-searching deep dive into the theatrical abyss, efficiently stage managed by Friedrich Nietzsche. So, if you find yourself totally unhinged after a week of the Fringe and wondering what theatre even is anymore, this show is just the ticket. High art? Bananas.


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