REVIEW: Stick or Wizard?

Whatever happens, just say yes.

By Alix Kemp

Stick or Wizard? is possibly the most bizarre, surreal, and completely pointless show you will ever see at Fringe—but you should absolutely see it. Donning a sparkly bodysuit and appearing with his magic wizard bag in hand and a pair of plastic snakes tucked in his belt, Oli Weatherly’s advice to the audience in the first minutes of this eccentric spectacle is simple: Whatever happens, just say yes.

While this show is technically appropriate for all ages, it may be more suited to childish adults with a love of the absurd than actual children, who seemed baffled and frustrated by the unfulfilled promise of magic tricks. In one instance, as Weatherly disappeared behind the black curtain, a kid in the back row cried out, “Quick, let’s leave while we can.” Nobody moved. The rest of the audience waited, rapt, for Weatherly to reappear. He did. A dreamlike dance sequence involving a pennywhistle ensued.

Remember: just say yes.


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