Review: Gordon’s Big Bald Head

What has become a prime yearly go to show of the Fringe, “Gordon’s Big Bald Head” returns once again as strong as ever.  

By Jean-Paul Fournier: BTR Writer and Over Explainer of How Babies Are Made

Jacob Banigan, Mark Meer, and Ron Pederson display masterful improvisational talent as they hijack some other Fringe shows synopsis. With the help of a mysterious boss, the trio randomly selects a live production then presents their own adaptation of that lucky show.  This year, with the lack of a Fringe catalogue, the trio has expanded their choices to all the Fringe Festival catalogues from the years past. This adaptation not only expands the variety of possibilities but serves as a nostalgic tribute to our beloved festival.    

During the live show that I attended the unforeseen pick came from 1994’s Frankenfringe catalogue. called “The Painter’s Dream”; the story about a young boy who awakens from a magical dream sets off on a journey to the great unknown… and it’s a musical. And with that information, the three set off into a wonderous comical adventure stacked with mystical beings, enchanted powers, thrilling twists and turns, with plenty of laughs, as well as musical numbers, worthy of a Jim Henson production. Not to mention one hilariously shocking surprise ending while still finishing it a couple of minutes under the 60-minute advertised runtime. In the end, as the crowd was stumbling out, I could hear multiple members praising in awe as if they had witnessed an unbelievable magic trick, “How do they do that?”  

Like all improvisational shows, seeing it live is the ideal approach, however, thankfully they have provided an excellent episode on Fringe TV for those unable to attend a live performance. This online episode is finely filmed, encompassing their unique brand of deranged, yet silly humour, mixed with unique pop-culture references and uncanny ability to play with the unexpected during live performances.    Like always, “Gordon’s Big Bald Head” is a must-see. 


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