Review: God is a Scottish Drag Queen (Best of)

How well do you remember the story of Adam and Eve? How about Humpty Dumpty? You might be wondering how these two stories are related, but you’ll have to let God (otherwise known as Mike Delamont) tell you.

By Katrina Turchin: BTR Writer and Theatre Ghost

This smock-wearing, bare-footed, Scottish deity won’t take you to church, but he sure will preach about all the absurdness in the world from homophobia, Red Lobster, the Bible, and Spanx. But don’t compare him to the Whyte Avenue sidewalk preaches — he sure hates those guys. The combination of all those topics is guaranteed to make you laugh, even if you can’t relate.

The hour-long show performed to a sold-out audience was a hit, with Delamont even cracking a joke that the new “sold-out” means half empty. The Lord’s jokes were witty, relevant, and some even tailored to Edmontonians. Delamont played off the crowd’s rowdy energy, asking for some audience participation here and there meaning each show might be slightly different as he throws in some new bits.

Delamont is celebrating his 10th anniversary of performing at the Fringe Festival with the best of show which incorporates the best bits from all six productions of God is a Scottish Drag Queen. After cancelling hundreds of shows due to the pandemic, Delamont found success at the 40th annual Edmonton Fringe Festival. Amidst all the pandemic talk, God is a Scottish Drag Queen is exactly the easygoing distraction we all needed.


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