BTR Preview: One Song

The Show According to the Artist:

“One Song is a story about queer kids coming out, being an ally, and showing up for your friends (in the 90s!). This is a staged reading/workshop of a brand new family musical by Daniel Belland (Cult Cycle) and Calla Wright (The Wind and the Rain).”

  • Music/Musical Theatre
  • $15.00 inc $3.00 fee
  • 14-August 21, 2021
  • 60 minutes
  • La Cité Francophone
  • subvenueLa Cité Auditorium
  • General (G)

The Show According to our Ridiculous Questions:

Q: An alien has come to earth and has only learned our human ways through movie references. Using the 3rd person present verb ‘meets’, describe your show by comparing it to two movies.

Calla Wright: RENT meets… Stand by Me? (Disclaimer: RENT is a stage show and I haven’t seen Stand By Me, but Google assures me it is about Friendship. So is this play.)

Q: Your long lost uncle has since returned from living in a coal mine in Georgia. He doesn’t really like theatre. Using your favourite line from your show, try to coax him into going to it.

CW: Uncle Algernon, before I saw this show “I was wooden and now I’m real.”

Q: If your show was an animal what animal would it be?

CW: A beagle.

Q: If your show were a ghost, what type of ghost would it be and what would it haunt?

CW: It would be a little gay ghost and it would ABSOLUTELY haunt Jason Kenney.

Q: If your show were in a job interview and had to answer the question “What are your three best traits?”, how would it answer?

CW: Enthusiasm. Research. Really great at boundaries.

Q: Would you trust your show to babysit your horse?

CW: I would trust only one character in the show to babysit my horse. Come guess which one.

Q: What is your favourite kind of pizza?

CW: Pineapple, Black Olives, Pepperoni (this answer represents the view of the playwright alone and is not representative of “One Song”’s official stance regarding pineapple on pizza)

Q: What is the one thing your show doesn’t like about you but puts up with?

CW: How much I stress about things that aren’t problems.

Q: Does your show have a criminal record?

CW: Good gracious, no. This show is a child.

Q: Out of all these questions, which was your favourite and which answer was a lie?

CW: I liked the job interview one, so that’s the one I lied on (but only one of the traits is a lie – you’ll have to see the show to figure out which one)

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?

CW: Please come see “One Song” at La Cite this Fringe!! If you don’t come see “One Song”, please go see OTHER Fringe shows!! Most shows have an online option, and there is some truly amazing talent at this year’s Fringe. HAPPY FRINGING!!


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