BTR Preview: The Durflington Show Off

Show according to the artist:

“When Durfling siblings, Loopy and Lena carelessly lose their treasure pooping goose, they go to ridiculously absurd lengths to get him back. The Imaginarium Puppet Company presents: The Durflington Show Off

  • Puppetry
  • $16.00 inc $3.00 fee
  • 15-August 21, 2021
  • 30 minutes
  • Nordic Light Horse Park
  • subvenueVanta Group Youth Stage
  • General (G)

The show according to our ridiculous questions:

Q: An alien has come to earth and has only learned our human ways through movie references. Using the 3rd person present verb ‘meets’, describe your show by comparing it to two movies.

Loopy and Lena: Emmet Otter Jug Ban Christmas Meets Disney’s Robin Hood

Q: Your long lost uncle has since returned from living in a coal mine in Georgia. He doesn’t really  like theatre. Using your favourite line from your show, try to coax him into going to it.

Loopy and Lena: I’m Poops the goose I don’t lay egg’s but I just may poop treasure.

Q: If your show was an animal what animal would it be?

Loopy and Lena: Oh that’s easy….. A Platypus 

Q: If your show were a ghost, what type of ghost would it be and what would it haunt?

Loopy and Lena: The librarian ghost from the beginning of Ghost Busters unless Orko from He-man is a ghost then him! Klattu’s library

Q: Would you trust your show to babysit your horse?

Loopy and Lena: NOPE.

Q: What is your favourite kind of pizza?

Loopy and Lena: Sauce Pizza

Q: What is the one thing your show doesn’t like about you but puts up with?

Loopy and Lena: The foul stench of 3 male puppeteers backstage and out Peter Pan syndrome. 

Q: Does your show have a criminal record?

Loopy and Lena: No but it should, we knock em dead every night.

Is there anything you would like to add?


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