Review: FOR SCIENCE! On Sabbatical – Online

By Jean-Paul Fournier – BTR writer and film consultant

The “For Science” duo, The Professor (Christine Lesiak) and The Lab Assistant (Ian Walker) are back. Well, not really, they are on Sabbatical. However, while on their granted paid leave from work, the curious duo happens to deliver a new set of science experiments with new test subjects, namely, kittens.  

From the imaginative minds responsible for the crowd-pleasing live show, we get something new to the fringe, an online short. This format is ideal for those people with tight schedules unable to fit in a live show let alone make it to the Fringe grounds but are still craving some unconventional artistry. Perfect palette cleanser for those needing an uplifting break during a hectic, rough, or perhaps even boring day at work. And with this format, along with its short 15 minute runtime, the show can be viewed at any time at the viewer’s convenience during this Fringe Festival season. It’s perfect for all ages looking for some wholesome entertainment. And I would like to lean heavily on the word “wholesome”.  

However, if I can give one word of warning, this show has an overabundance of cuteness. So much cuteness that it may be an overload to the senses by the end. “For Science! On Sabbatical” is a prime example of why cat videos have been and still are some of the most popular videos on the internet. And adding science to the tried-and-true formula of cat videos seems somewhat… empirical.  

“For Science! on Sabbatical” is a notable example of how a show can be adapted to a new formula, new format, and for new audiences. 


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