BTR Preview: Merk du Solapocalypse

The Solapocalypse Gang

The show according to the artist:

“Merk”, headliner of a troupe of actually attractive theatre players, has sold their beloved theatre space. Sideshow Boobs “Janeen” and “Evelyn” take her on an epic journey through time to help undo this catastrophe! Will they save the Arts? What is Bill 10, really? I can haz cheeseburger? Stay tuned!

  • Comedy/Drama
  • $16.00 inc $3.00 fee
  • 13-August 22, 2021
  • 60 minutes
  • ATB Financial Arts Barns
  • subvenueATB Westbury Theatre

The show according to our ridiculous questions:

Q: An alien has come to earth and has only learned our human ways through movie references.  Using the 3rd person present verb ‘meets’, describe your show by comparing it to two movies. 

Rebecca ‘Merk’ Merkley: It’s Reapo Man meets Forest Gump. 

Q: Your long lost uncle has since returned from living in a coal mine in Georgia. He doesn’t really  like theatre. Using your favourite line from your show, try to coax him into going to it. 

RM: “I used to always research my roles; that is, until our entire industry shut down and we started  masturbating to Skip the Dishes ads.” 

Q: If your show was an animal what animal would it be? 

RM: A Blue Footed Boobie. 

Q: If your show were a ghost, what type of ghost would it be and what would it haunt?

RM: A Demon and it would haunt vegans 

Q: If your show was in a job interview and had to answer the question “What are your three best  traits?”, how would it answer? 

RM: Hair. Tits. Smile? 

Q: Would you trust your show to babysit your horse? 

RM: Of course. Of. course 

Q: What is your favourite kind of pizza? 

RM: …offensive 

Q: What is the one thing your show doesn’t like about you but puts up with?

RM: My Lactose Intolerance 

Q: Does your show have a criminal record? 

RM: Probs

Q: Out of all these questions, which was your favourite and which answer was a lie?

RM: The one about the kittens. All of the above. 


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