BTR Preview: The Sketchcronomicon

Truthfulness of this statement may or may not be true.

The Show According to the Artist:

Join local comedians, The Debutantes, as they delve into the cursed pages of the most eldritch and hilarious tome of sketch comedy to ever exist: The Sketchcronomicon! Will they complete their dark ritual and unleash the cosmic embodiment of laughter itself? And if they do, will the world survive?

  • Comedy
  • $16.00 inc $3.00 fee
  • 12-August 20, 2021
  • 45 minutes
  • Kick Point Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre

The Show According to our Ridiculous Questions:

Q: An alien has come to earth and has only learned our human ways through movie references. Using the 3rd person present verb ‘meets’, describe your show by comparing it to two movies.

Robyn Slack: I’d say it’s like Color Out Of Space meets Brain Candy, so here’s hoping these aliens have some relatively niche taste in movies.

Q: Your long lost uncle has since returned from living in a coal mine in Georgia. He doesn’t really like theatre. Using your favourite line from your show, try to coax him into going to it.

RS: That’s tough to narrow down, so I’m just gonna go with the one that consistently gets the biggest laugh from me backstage, which is: “Alright, the Pope says he’ll let everyone know that God is fake and religion is over.”

Q:If your show was an animal what animal would it be?

RS: A cryptid, because it’s a little bit spooky, and although it’s rumoured to exist, at the time of writing, nobody has actually seen it.

Q: If your show were a ghost, what type of ghost would it be and what would it haunt?

RS: It’d be the ghost of the show we wrote for the 2020 Fringe and never got to perform, for obvious reasons. I’d like to think it’d haunt Jason Kenney or Tyler Shandro, but it’s become pretty clear at this point that nothing haunts those dudes.

Q: If your show was in a job interview and had to answer the question “What are your three best traits?”, how would it answer?

RS: Very funny. Only slightly existentially terrifying. Extremely punctual.

Q: Would you trust your show to babysit your horse?

RS: I wouldn’t trust anyone to babysit my horse. A horse is a commitment, I knew that going in.

Q: What is your favourite kind of pizza?

RS: If you’re ordering Domino’s the single greatest two-topper combination is pineapple feta with Alfredo sauce. There’s no joke here, it’s just an outstanding pizza that more people should know about.

Q: What is the one thing your show doesn’t like about you but puts up with?

RS: I always try to find solutions, when sometimes all my show needs from me is to just listen and be supportive.

Q: Does your show have a criminal record?

RS: It does, but thankfully there’s an obscure legal loophole stating that a director can’t be compelled to testify against their own show.

Q: Out of all these questions, which was your favourite and which answer was a lie?

RS: I’d have to say that my favourite question is this one, the one that I’m currently answering. But also, that answer that I just wrote was the lie, so…

Q: Is there anything you would like to add?

RS: If you love hilarious sketch comedy in the style of Monty Python or Kids In The Hall, you need to see this show. If you’re looking for a respectful and well-researched homage to the works of H.P. Lovecraft and other greats of the eldritch horror genre… I mean, you should still come to this show anyway. It’s really funny, I promise.


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