One of them will have to take over America’s most fraudulently profitable company.

By David Berry

It’s 2000, and Enron CEO Ken Lay (Gordie Lucius) has gathered his brain trust on his private jet en route to a Smash Mouth concert to drop some devastating news: he’s dying, and one of them will have to take over America’s most fraudulently profitable company for 11 of the last 12 fiscal quarters. In this … uhhhh, satire? by Tim Mikula, Capitalist nerd Business Guy (Catriona Hurley), rootin’-tootin’ deal man Money Guy (Kelly Turner), horndog Stripper Guy (show highlight Maria Besko) and lollipop-licking failson Beautiful Boy (Joey Lucius) use their Machiavellian guile, a briefcase full of Clue weapons and their most tangentially related stripper anecdotes to prove to Mr. Lay that they’re the right one for the job.

I’m not sure if there’s a discernible point beyond the fact the c-suite is full of shitheads—and basically any band that charted at the turn of the Will-enium is a literal punchline—but it certainly doesn’t matter as the cast of improv veterans dives headlong into this streak of chaotic comic absurdity, where jokes about dying on the Titanic are right around the corner from the most disgusting description of fake genitalia you’ll ever hear.


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