Review: 2 Sherlock Holmes Adventures

Brown and Huston make something elementarily old lovingly new.

By Jean-Paul Fournier: BTR Writer and Comedium (He Only Channels Dead Comedians)

Over a century old, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic Sherlock Holmes’s mystery/adventure formula is still crowd-pleasing even today. Accompanied by his trusted partner and constant biographer, Dr. Watson, Holmes’ uncanny talent for observation, deduction, and logical reasoning has been the most retold, adapted, and beloved detective stories in history. Now, two of the classic tales (said to be the two favourite shorts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) can be seen in a double feature this fringe.  

Our two players (Kenneth Brown and John Huston) share all the roles in two of the original Holmes adventures, keeping order with whom wearing Holmes’ iconic deerstalker cap. Both actors effortlessly switch characters back and forth, keeping the pace constantly flowing. This gimmick works best as they start switching more rapidly during the climactic action pieces and suspenseful moments of danger, as the switches give the pace a rhythmic punch allowing for the speed to subconsciously raise along with the stakes. 

With the two giving energetic performances, doing their own foley work, along with adding some dashes of theatrical humour into the thrillers, we get loving adaptations of our beloved investigators. And while I thought I knew all the chapters; the second story was not only new to me but delivered a surprise ending that satisfied this avid fan to feel nostalgia once again for 221B Baker Street.


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