Review: The Tiniest Mermaid

At the end, everyone was happy which is good.

By G. Wilkie, age 5

This was really fun. It was about a mermaid who wanted to go to the moon beach, I think? But her dad wouldn’t let her go because they had a daddy-daughter date. Anyway, she ended up getting grounded but it was still funny.

In the beginning, the dad was a bit mean but in the end, he turned out to be good. He loved his mermaid daughter. And their costumes were really nice. The mermaid’s costume was different than the one in the poster but she told me that she only had it for one day to take the picture but that is ok because the one she was wearing was really great. I don’t know if you would call a puppet a costume but Seashell, I think that is what the puppet’s name was, it was a fish and oh boy was it ever funny. The theatre was nice too, I like that place. At the end, everyone was happy which is good.

Also, they called my name up on stage and that was really nice. All the actors were really nice people and I super duper recommend this play. I’m not just saying that because they called my name.


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