REVIEW: Vavianna Vardot’s Famous Sex Party

Vulvas on foreheads have never looked so good.

By Miki Zwarich

Welcome to the most famous sex party you’ve never heard of, with vivacious (and sexy) host Vavianna Vardot (Amber Nash).

Those who attended on Wednesday night were treated to the sensuous vocal stylings of Reverse Cowboy, steamy burlesque performances by Violette Coquette and Onyx, and a demonstration of how not to make a cake. Audience members were also invited to send sexy, anonymous notes to each other, and have their faces painted in artistic yet crude fashions. Vulvas on foreheads have never looked so good.

Those closest to Vavianna and her expensive wig know that she doesn’t like predictability, so each night promises a different cast of (sexy) characters plucked from the Fringe grounds to delight and entertain. And she won’t turn down a drink if you’re feeling generous.

Playing every night at 11:59 p.m. at the very licenced (and very sexy) Grindstone Theatre, this rowdy (and sexy) show is bound to delight Fringers who aren’t quite ready to end their evenings at a reasonable hour and would rather laugh, hoot, and holler at a raucous variety show instead. If you can still get tickets and are feeling extra sexy, this show’s for you.


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