How allusive it can be when we need it the most.

By: Jill Pollock

The Truth(tm), written & performed by Adam Bailey, aims to uncover the eternally significant questions of truth—how it helps us, how it harms us, and how allusive it can be when we need it the most. However, the truth is that “The Truth(tm)” understandably misses the difficult mark.

Bailey’s show has the potential to dive deep into the profound search for truth, but it only skims the surface. There were several laugh-out-loud moments and thoughtful anecdotes relating to the evocative nature of the subject, but overall, the through-line lacked a sense of sentiment and purpose. The script was abundant with overly specific examples that would require some previous knowledge in order to follow, making one feel like they missed out on an inside joke.

However, where continuity lacks, Bailey’s eagerness and refined storytelling skills keep the audience engaged. Their sharp comedic timing brings genuine laughter amidst the struggles that truth can bring. The highlight was the last story Bailey shares about balancing logical truth with emotional truth, reminding us that sometimes we need to let go of being right and just revel in the moment.


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