REVIEW: How I Met My Mother

The story is extremely detailed, with sequential anecdotes about memory loss.

By Ben Blyth

If you were wondering about the provenance of Fringe Venue 16’s name, this moving new show from Jonathan Paterson has the answer. The Sue Paterson Theatre at Campus St. Jean bears the name of Paterson’s late-mother, who is the subject of this thought-provoking work from an experienced Fringe performer. The narrative follows Paterson’s experience as a full-time carer after his mother’s diagnosis with early-onset dementia. The story is extremely detailed, with sequential anecdotes about memory loss and disorientation that will be both moving and resoundingly familiar for audience members who have encountered dementia through a loved one. Paterson neatly switches between his experience as a live-in carer and his troubled childhood in Winnipeg, offering a further layer of reflection to this intricate new play. The production may benefit from the input of a dramaturg as the play continues to evolve, and the script could use a little further refinement to remove some accidental repetitions. That said, Paterson is a warm-hearted performer who bravely bares his soul in this moving and unflinching hour of theatre.


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