REVIEW: Bedwetter

Tamlynn Bryson’s one-woman show is a funny, honest, and charming tell-all.

By Saliha Chattoo

Bedwetter is high-energy from the first moment, recounting the true story of a woman who comes of age while dealing with the issue of bedwetting well into her teen years. Tamlynn Bryson’s one-woman show is a funny, honest, and charming tell-all about an issue that you often only hear about in the context of mockery. Her shifts between characters—marked by an array of impressive if amateur accents and consistent physical cues—are exciting and engaging, and she really paints a picture of what it was like dealing with boyfriends, doctors, friends, and bullies. Bryson has a knack for physical comedy, and her skillful storytelling knocks the audience back-and-forth between hilarity, information, and compassion. The sound and lighting cues add a lot to this show, with soundbites from popular sitcoms sampled throughout to reify the constant barrage of shame surrounding this issue, and a fictional self-help tape setup that is one of the most hilarious aspects of the show.


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