Review: All of Human History in 7 Stories

Like any good modern historian, Buri calls into question whose stories are told.

By Barbara Adams

The minute George Buri takes the stage, one thing is instantly clear: he is incredibly passionate about history. In this entertaining and thought-provoking hour, he delves into stories of modern and ancient humanity, some well-known and some more obscure, and uses these stories to remind us of both our greatest failings and our greatest accomplishments. Not a history nerd? Buri makes these stories palatable by using popular culture and lurid storytelling to transcend the textbook, connecting Ghengis Khan to The Godfather, monarchs to Mean Girls, and using a second-person voice to transport the audience back in time, allowing us to succeed at doing the very thing he suggests our predecessors have done: use our greatest tools, our imaginations.

Like any good modern historian, Buri calls into question whose stories are told, why they’re told, and how they have been told. Doing this with seven stories, from various points in history, in only an hour, is ambitious and does of course leave some stones unturned, some questions unanswered. Still, this show truly captures why learning about the past is so important, why these stories are still relevant, and why the power to change the world lies with us, the people.


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