REVIEW: Whiskey Flicks Live!

The sort of comfort watches you need in the depths of the whiskey flu.

By David Berry

This “unscripted, booze-infused deep dive into film” features Daniel McCoy queueing up clips for host Michael Niederman to riff around, touching on everything from depths-of-IMDB film trivia to what you want in a breakfast sandwich to the importance of true kindness and connection. The Monday matinee’s theme was hangovers—fitting enough considering these two are putting back at least a couple whiskeys each performance—with clips that ran the gamut from literal hangover scenes (courtesy of The Hangover and Withnail & I) to the sort of comfort watches you need in the depths of the whiskey flu (in this case The Princess Bride and Almost Famous).

Though a bit of an odd fit for a theatre festival, the hosts are affable and loquacious enough to make for a breezy hour, and Niederman’s patter is certainly appropriately whiskey-inflected: excitable, increasingly sentimental, and probably not quite as profound as it hopes it is, not that you notice in the middle of the bottle.


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