REVIEW: St. Kilda

In search of a mysterious family history.

By David Berry

Jody Christopherson both narrates and soundscapes this dark tale about a woman searching for resolution after the death of her grandmother. Travelling from a trailer park in Nebraska to the titular fogbound Scottish archipelago in search of a mysterious family history, Christopherson’s story mixes dark and ancient pagan mythology with the terrors of being a woman on her own in the world to concoct a story of grief and finding your footing after loss. Not without ribald humour, the play is at its best in its genuinely chilling moments. Christopherson’s skill with a loop machine and some truly unholy voice and breath work make for plenty of those, even if the strive for atmosphere can sometimes undercut the rising tension. Damn the plot beats, though: it takes a performer of rare ability to fill a theatre with this much macabre mood.


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