The relationship between the two women is complex and intriguing.

By Alix Kemp

This dark comedy presents a predictable formula with few surprises but plenty of depth thanks to a strong script and fantastic performances from its small cast. Cindy (Kyral Gusdal) and Crystal (Miracle Mopera) were good friends in high school, and years later they’ve reunited in a Vancouver airport bathroom for something less innocent than sneaking a joint under the bleachers: trafficking cocaine. The relationship between the two women is complex and intriguing, told through remembered anecdotes that gradually reveal their reasons for drug smuggling. Mopera in particular shines in her highly physical portrayal of the naive Crystal, her hair bun and her cheery attitude gradually unravelling as she strains to deliver the deadly cargo to her increasingly impatient former friend. Gusdal’s performance is more subdued but still exceptional. Mules is a compelling piece of theatre about the consequences of seeing the best in people.


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