REVIEW: I’m Batman: 89 – 97

Peter Jr gives a spirited, tender performance.

By Paul Blinov

Rod Peter Jr shines a light on the Dark Knight in I’m Batman: 89-97. It finds the Fringe touring vet running through the plots of the pre-Christopher Nolan live-action films—Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, Batman Returns and Batman—while sharing trivia (the iconic Seal song “Kiss From A Rose” was written for a different movie?), behind-the-scenes facts, and exploring his life-long love of the superhero, as well as his parents’ enduring support.

It’s a sweet, funny show about the things we nerd out about. Peter Jr gives a spirited, tender performance: he’s a performer who can skitter across the stage to Prince’s ‘Batdance’ in one moment, and let you in with genuine emotion the next, grounding the silliness of other moments—like a supercut of every weird vocal choice Tommy Lee Jones makes as Two-Face.

“Everyone will have a moment in their life when something hits them and affects them in the most positive way,” he offers, late in the show. You have yours. Batman is his. And watching him share it is endearing and fun.


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