With a simple set of a podium and folding chair, Loucks easily moves through the space.

By: Jill Pollock

“Booger Red”, written and performed by Jim Loucks, shares the interconnectedness of Jim’s life path to both his father (Booger Red) and grandfather. Growing up in southern Georgia with a Baptist preacher for a patriarch, Jim finds his own path through life while both rebelling against and embracing the shared passion for performing that his preacher dad has.

With a simple set of a podium and folding chair, Loucks easily moves through the space, changing characters through subtle vocal & postural shifts, effectively creating his small cast of characters (the Southern accent is real, folks!). Though the scenes switch back and forth through generational timelines, the story is never lost, nor is the intention of trying to see life through the eyes of his father. Loucks’ vocal training stands out in his performances of several hymns and musical numbers (one of which was from Oklahoma!), which weave together the life of both a preacher parent and his son, the performer. While they share a need for the stage and singing, their purposes there are extremely divergent.

Overall, Loucks’ storytelling and musical skills are wonderfully refined and gently carry the audience through a heartfelt and humorous performance.


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