From the twisted minds behind Jason Kenny’s Hot Boy Summer.

By Ben Blyth

(Thunder)CATS is an outrageously entertaining meowsical from the twisted minds behind Jason Kenny’s Hot Boy Summer: Byron Martin, Simon Abbot, and Curtis Den Otter. While this spandex-clad, be-girdled masterpiece first affronted Edmonton audiences in 2019, this is a superb remount and worthy follow up to Grindstone’s 2021 smash-hit.

The show consists of a blockbuster string of new musical numbers from an all-singing all-dancing cast, held together by absolutely no plot. In that way it is so loosely reminiscent of another cat-based West End musical as to never trouble any lawyers, ever. Where its form may be distantly familiar, its content is so remotely redolent of an 80’s cartoon (with an admittedly similar name) as to barely flirt with comparison. Nevertheless, this show is so purrfectly pitched that it promises to appeal to all lovers of cats and cartoons alike. Which, let’s face it, is everybody.

With its phenomenal live score, ferocious choreography from Sarah Dowling, and talented ensemble cast, Thunder(CATS) is a show with nine lives that deserves to run and run and run. Until it gets stuck up a tree.


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