Suliak brings high energy levels that radiate into the audience.

By Lauren Fersovitch

In this dramatic comedy, Caley Suliak stars as the Space Ranger Orphea Flange, here to save the galaxy with the help of her spacecraft. The only prop or set piece is a decorated chair that serves mainly as Dart, the spacecraft, among a few other locations. The absence of material objects allows Suliak to play around on stage becoming very expressive, through both clear facial expressions and body movements. Although the movements are very physical, most of the show happens downstage and centre stage, and the space as a whole can be utilized more. Despite this, Suliak brings high energy levels that radiate into the audience through big and characterized motions.

The incredibly well-designed technical elements of this show are skillfully executed, with over 500 cues placed within the hour-long show. Suliak’s timing of lines and blocking fit with the timing of lighting and audio cues practically seamlessly, allowing for a very smooth-running show.

For those who need to escape reality, even for an hour, The Paladin brings audiences on an intergalactic journey.


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