The Sunday evening performance had the audience laughing virtually nonstop.

By Lauren Fersovitch

The joy of improv is that you never know what you’re going to see, and you’ll never see the same show twice. Choosing two random audience members to share bits of their life and relationship for the improvisers to recreate adds an element of reality to the absurdity going on on stage.

When given only a few minor details about real-life people, it can be difficult to portray them accurately, but these improvisers handle it effortlessly and make audiences feel like they know these people themselves. Their characters’ scenes revolving around a single trait given make these roles relatable and applicable to everyone’s lives, and not just the audience members the show is focused on.

The Sunday evening performance had the audience laughing virtually nonstop, whether it be at recurring jokes, bad accents, goofy musical numbers, or numerous other ridiculous moments.

It is evident how much the improvisers are enjoying themselves on stage, which makes it so much easier for audiences to have fun too. Rapid Fire Theatre always puts on a good show, and Big Stupid Improv Show is no exception.


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