REVIEW: Scratch

Scratch is as old as it is good.

By David Berry

Rapid Fire Theatre alums Kevin Gillese and Arlen Konopaki’s long-form improv show is now old enough to drink, having debuted at the 2004 version of the Fringe. There’s a reason everybody keeps coming back, and neither age nor wisdom has dulled the potency of their format, which weaves three audience-suggested narrative threads together with plenty of knowing pop cultural references, manic absurdism, fourth-wall-bursting commentary, and the duo’s endlessly charming personal interplay.

Saturday’s matinee wasn’t the strongest Scratch set I’ve ever seen—as with all improv, it never hurts to wait until the more widely recognized drinking hours-—but where else are you going to start with an audience member candidly discussing her sister’s mental health struggles and end with two nerds and a vampire fucking a Filet o’ Fish?


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