REVIEW: Ride the Cyclone

Instead of being transported to an afterlife, the deceased find themselves in a carnivalesque limbo.

By Miki Zwarich

Five preppy members of the St. Cassian High School chamber choir (plus a headless Jane Doe) are found dead after a catastrophic mishap on The Cyclone, a thrilling roller coaster in their hometown of Uranium City, Saskatchewan. But instead of being transported to a stereotypical afterlife, the deceased find themselves in a carnivalesque limbo. Karnak (Michael Vetsch), a mechanical fortune teller, takes a break from dispensing randomized prophecies to quarter-wielding strangers to become the host of the game show that will determine their final destinies.

One by one, the motley crew, still clad in the uniforms they were wearing at the time of the accident, advocate for themselves to be brought back from the dead in uproarious song and dance numbers that are both tragic and earnest. However, there can be only one winner in Karnak’s twisted game.

An elaborate set, a sharp script, and an extremely talented cast truly make this show spectacular. Who will win the right to rejoin the world of the living? Put on your seatbelt, lower your shoulder restraints, and get ready to find out.


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