Review: Meatball Séance

Michael can’t do it alone so the audience must help him create the perfect setting to make it happen.

By: Miki Zwarich

Do you shy away from audience participation? Well, guess what? We’re all going to die someday, so buckle up, and be a part of the raucous-yet-wonderful show to help John Michael summon the spirit of his dear mother from the ether. After all, Mother’s wish was to meet John Michael’s new boyfriend over a plate of her famous meatballs and she didn’t get that chance. John Michael can’t do it alone, so you, the audience, must help him create the perfect setting to make it happen.

In this raucous and side-splitting séance, willing members of the audience become integral parts of the show, embodying the roles of John Michael’s boyfriends and recreating Mother’s meatball recipe from scratch, on stage, with a hot plate, while swaying to the soulful sounds of Fleetwood Mac. If you would rather watch than perform, simply cross your arms. In this séance, everyone is welcome.

John Michael, bouncing frenetically across the stage clad only in tight, bright Underoos and an apron may seem a little unorthodox at first, but be prepared to leave with lessons about love, life, and death … and a perfectly good meatball recipe.


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