REVIEW: Half the Battle

The story is set during WWII and follows the journey of two RCAF officers.

By Ben Blyth

Half the Battle is a spellbinding new work from Edith 47 Productions, expertly written and performed by Owen Bishop. The story is set during WWII and follows the journey of two RCAF officers (a ‘Newfie’ pilot and ‘Prairie Boy’ flight engineer) whose Avro Lancaster has just been shot down somewhere over Northern France. Their souls have been fused together in the ensuing explosion, forcing both to share one body as they await their final judgment.

Inspired by the evocative shared tombstones of fallen RCAF pilots and navigators, this is a moving and informative new play laced with moments of truly touching comedy. In performance, Bishop is captivating, masterfully switching between the detailed and fully realized characters with a truly impressive ease. Half the Battle is an enchanting, informative, and thoroughly engaging hour of theatre that makes a fabulous addition to any balanced Fringe diet.


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