REVIEW: Clip Show

An edge of satire that left the audience craving for more.

By Ekjot Brar

With the power of dramatic irony, Jon Blair conducts a solo sketch comedy where he reminisces about crucial life moments while trapped in a basement on Christmas. By skillfully manipulating the fourth wall, Blair creates an enticing, intelligent, and comical show that brings forth philosophical moments of self-reflection only to sharply create a punchline that at times displays an even deeper moment of self-awareness. Despite there being only one person on the stage, Blair maneuvered the off-stage commentary and various props in a manner that takes up the entire room. The thoughtful references to pop culture, such as Bo Burnham and Dragon’s Den, added an edge of satire that left the audience craving for more. The writing was, without a doubt, intricately engrossing, but the show could not be the success that it is without Blair’s expressive and well-delivered performance. Clip Show manages to be an insightful meta experience that will never be forgotten.

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