REVIEW: Are You Lovin’ It?

This performance has an enchantingly bubbly exterior.

By Ben Blyth

Have you spent all week eating green onion cakes? Why not switch it up and get your take-out from Wackdonalds with Theatre GUMBO’s uproarious production: Are You Lovin It? at the Luther Centre. Equal parts bouffon clown show and anime fever-dream, this performance has an enchantingly bubbly exterior that softens the audience up ahead of its razor-sharp satire of Western globalization. Culminating in the hilarious Squid Game-style “Super Happy Meal” challenges, this rare and surprising show had the audience bent double with laughter one minute and totally speechless with its powerful and dystopian exegesis on corporate greed the next.

One of the very best things about Fringe is it can bring the whole world together for one moment in one place. This show is a fabulous example of that ethos writ large. And in bright yellow. You won’t see anything else like this all Fringe and are guaranteed to leave with a lighter heart than you went in. Wackdonalds is good. Wackdonalds is great. Wackdonalds creates future. Wackdonalds is Japan’s answer to the final episode of Mad Men.

Find tickets here

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