REVIEW: A Grave Mistake

The audience embarks on a journey through the eyes of two impoverished swindlers.

By Keith Huang

For the second, third, or the nth time, we hear a shrill giggle that premonished the phrase that had become laughably predictable (yet still funny). A cloaked figure rose, with the flashlight lighting up her face in the lightless room, and with a tone that seemed to make fun of itself, shrieked, “We hope you don’t make…A gRaVe mIsTaKe.”

A Grave Mistake begins on a moonless night, where the audience embarks on a journey through the eyes of two impoverished swindlers, trying to do whatever they can to get through the next meal. Through this journey, they meet all sorts of odd characters not unlike themselves (all performed by the co-founders of A Little Bit Off: Amica Hunter and David Cantor), and they need the audience’s help to guide them through all of the treacherous obstacles.

The decision for audience participation made this so much more fun to watch. The audience cares about the characters they have directly influenced, so it creates a different tone for each joke; instead of just puns, they are now inside jokes with the entire audience.

A Grave Mistake is a contagiously funny show that makes even the same repeating phrase seem hilarious.


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