REVIEW: The Stakeout

A mind-melding mystery of self-discovery and existentialism.

By Jean-Paul Fournier

Absolutely spectacular.

Two men, working together on a stakeout—one starting his first day on the job, the other on his last day before retirement—find themselves getting more than they bargained for in this mind-melding mystery of self-discovery and existentialism. Martin Dockery’s ambitious script is sharp, humorous, and eases viewers through complex materials while never undermining the intelligence of its audience. And with two pitch-perfect performances, Dockery and Andrew Broaddus make the 75 minutes fly by with ease due to the impeccable chemistry, comic timing, and sophisticated character work.

The dialogue comes quick and clever, always guiding the audience forward but never allowing the viewers to get ahead of the play, causing significant reveals to incite audible “a-ha” moments amongst the audience as individuals gasped with joy and admiration their discovery and apprehension to the story’s secrets.

The Stakeout is inspiring theatre not to be missed.

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