Review: Late Night Cabaret

The thing to do at the end of the day.

By Miki Zwarich

Late Night Cabaret is a time-honoured Fringe tradition catering to those brave enough to keep partying after the food trucks go dark and the beer tents run dry.

During each performance, guests can expect 75 minutes of live music, charismatic hosts, and a colourful cast of Fringe performers showcasing their talents and offering up tantalizing snippets of their shows. And yes, they are also permitted to get a little rowdy at the spacious, licensed, Big Rock Backstage Theatre.

On opening night, highlights included Ingrid Hansen, star of Epidermis Circus, whose Chaplinesque antics involving a baguette emerging from an open fly had the crowd in stitches and the musical stylings of Ze Punterz with special guest VISSIA.

If you can snap up a coveted ticket to this Fringe star-studded variety show, congratulate yourself, because they’re selling fast. However, if you happen to miss out this year, do yourself a favour and jump on it next year. The word on the street is that you’re not a true Fringer until you do.

Find tickets here

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