REVIEW: For Science!

Various outcomes deliver fun, humour, and sometimes shocking resolutions.

By Jean-Paul Fournier

Following a quick video introduction, our two scientists hit centre stage, igniting gloriously enthusiastic applause. What’s significant about this luminous welcome is that it’s a mix of new viewers anticipating a fun show but moreso repeat viewers eager to revisit a show they adore. This is due to the ingenious concept created and performed by Christine Lesiak and Ian Walker, who perform a variety of experiments testing the reaction of their subjects (the audience).

While the set-ups may be the same in each of their shows, they always generate different results. And like true science, when a result, reaction, or effect, cannot be 100-percent proven or predicted, it requires repeat study and review. And it helps that these various outcomes deliver fun, humous, and sometimes shocking resolutions. It is a rare gem of a show, suitable for all ages, that inspires, energizes, and creates such positive participation from audiences. It is a blast.

Find tickets here

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