REVIEW: Charade

A spirited who-done-it.

By Ben Blyth

Charade is a hilarious hour of high-paced Hollywood Whodunnitry from Edmonton’s Twin Flames Theatre. Based on the 1963 film starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, Sarah Dowling’s smart adaptation neatly weaves together a tangled web of plots and counter-plots, following a host of characters in their search for $250k that has been mysteriously bequeathed to Reggie Lampert (Sarah ‘Hepburn’ Dowling) by her recently deceased husband. Ably supported by Evan Dowling (whose French detective deserves his own Netflix noir spin-off), Andrew Wade, and a human-shaped sack dressed in purple pyjamas that plays all the corpses; Charade is a rough-and-ready romp that embodies the true spirit of Fringe theatre, helping keep its Twin Flames very much alive!

Get tickets here

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