REVIEW: Blueberries are Assholes

Brilliant points of view tackle simple and mundane subjects.

By Jean-Paul Fournier

There’s great comfort in seeing an artist whose name is consistently praised and recommended year after year from frequent Fringers. This is the case with TJ Dawe.
Unlike his past solo shows, Dawe offers no personal tales but instead unites everyone together as he discusses experiences, behaviours, and mannerisms that we, as humans, accept as normal yet when surveyed and studied are absurd.

Dawe confesses “comedy writing has taken over my life” and this explains why his latest show falls into the category of stand-up comedy. His knowledge, research, and brilliant points of view tackle the simple and mundane subjects of language, the alphabet, meals, sneezing, and of course blueberries, revealing the ridiculousness of our common practices and acceptances. Some bits were so funny they did work against his set, as prolonged laughter sometimes drowned out a punchline’s tag. That’s how funny this show is.

Find tickets here

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