REVIEW: Falstaff

An intimate vision of historic Shakespeare.

By Jean-Paul Fournier

Shakespeare’s beloved buffoon is rejuvenated with vivid, lecherous, and boisterous life, in Clayton Jevne’s performance of Falstaff. Starting from birth, the adored narcissist recounts the events in his life, bragging about his battle accomplishments, sharing his sexual exploits, as well as marking his importance throughout historical events—all while beginning to understand the type of character his tales have led him to become.

Jevne’s performance is captivating and draws attention from start to finish. His numerous accounts come fast and energetically. But due to the speed, they sometimes bleed into each other, melding timelines and speeding through their narrative importance. The basement theatre, The Lumos Dental Stage, is fitting as it allows our storyteller to feel as though his life exploits are but that of bar stories: intimate, private, and boasting with swagger. If you are a history buff or even a bardolator, Falstaff is a must-see.

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