REVIEW: Conjoined: A New Musical

Giving new meaning to those trapped in a relationship.

By Miki Zwarich

What would be more infuriating than living in the shadow of your overachieving, self-absorbed, obnoxious, overbearing twin? How about being permanently attached to them?

For Pat (Josh Travnik), the unfortunate, embittered twin with a cowlick, and Braxton (Seth Gilfillan), the handsome twin with the muscles, the excitement of being separated is hampered by the dying wishes of their domineering mother, who never wanted them to live apart. But, when they are offered a potentially life-changing surgery, the twins are forced to reckon with their conflicting feelings and make a decision that could liberate them from each other. 

Backed by a live three-piece band, Pat and Braxton lament over their predicament through catchy, clever songs that are sometimes humorous, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes dark, but always full of pathos. The set is also impressive, consisting of two rolling cabinets and chairs that are effectively employed to create their small and maddening world.

 Conjoined: A New Musical masterfully tackles issues of identity, privacy (or a lack thereof), and fraught family dynamics in this entertaining and must-see show.

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