Review: Fringe 2021

Unorthodox yet very satisfying, the Fringe adapted and evolved as the artists kept their radness.

By Trent Wilkie: BTR Publisher and That Sound Between Snores

With the latest version of the Edmonton International Fringe Festival coming to a close stage-wise, the BTR writer core had time to reflect on this unique state of being. Through adaptation, innovation, and a community coming together to make it safe, entertaining, and inclusive the Fringe did what it set out to do. To quote my grandmother, “They friggin’ looked adversity in the friggin’ eyes and just ripped ass.” I have been told that this is a positive idiom. Now, onto our writers’ memorable moments.

Which show that you saw was the biggest surprise to you?

Jean-Paul Fournier: Deafy.

Katrina Turchin: Josephine. The quality of the performance was stunning and entrancing.

Aubrianna Snow: A Toast to Prohibition was a surprise to me, because I hadn’t expected it to be a solo production. It was really incredible to see just one person sustain the entire stage presence like that.

Trent Wilkie: Woman Caught Unaware. My spouse and I cried. We sad cried and laugh cried. Yeah. We cried.

Which show do you think represented itself best on Fringe TV?

JP: Destination Wedding.

KT: Woman Caught Unaware was represented really well on Fringe TV. The lighting was done correctly, and the switch in camera angles kept it exciting.

AS: Chanzo represented itself best on Fringe TV, because the plot was just so easy to get lost in.

TW: For Science! On Sabbatical. Those kittens were ridiculous. Also, the show was tight and shot well.

Which show made you excited to see what the performers or the playwright does next?

JP: Gordon’s Big Bald Head/DieNasty.

KT: Squeezebox Cabaret was a really exciting, high energy show and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

AS: Much Ado About Nothing really left me wanting to see more from that cast – particularly more Shakespeare adaptations.

TW: Marv n’ Berry. Every one of the members offers something different and they work well together. Comedy evolution.

What do you think should be the title of the Fringe next year?

JP: NetFringe and Chill.

KT: Back to the Fringe.

AS: Fringing Forward.

TW: A Serbian Fringe.

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