Review: Merk du Solapocalypse

Rebecca Merkley’s creation takes viewers on a comedic journey. 

Aubrianna Snow: BTR Writer and Intense Listener

Merk du Solapocalypse is written and directed by Rebecca Merkley, and follows a dynamic set of characters from the future through a series of comedy sketches after they accidentally end up stuck in the year 2021. 

There is never a dull moment with this production. The jokes are flying within the first minute of the cast appearing, and the audience doesn’t have a moment’s rest until after the fun musical mashup at the end. Kristina Hunszinger is hilarious as Evelyn, bringing a charming reluctant enthusiasm to all of the show’s gags. The cast is an endless source of energy and excitement for the audience as they work their way through a series of outrageous topics, including religion, pandemic masking measures, and cows. The costumes are reminiscent of a sort of 80’s-style futurism and fit well with the funky and eclectic vibe of the production as a whole. 

The strong comedic element of the show is complemented nicely by the impressive musical performances scattered throughout, which culminate in an interesting mashup of several classic hits during the production’s final portion that would have any radio mixmaster green with jealousy. Rebecca Merkley seizes the opportunity to display her impressive vocal talents alongside her fellow cast members.

Merk du Solapocalypse has the feel of a children’s show for adults and delights viewers with its lighthearted jokes, glittering set and costumes, and easy political undertones. It’s an inventive and timely creation in a lot of ways, and the absurdity of it all makes it a fun hour-long escape. Merkley and her crew are ready to call it as they see it before they head off back to where they came from, and the audience is left feeling both a sense of fun and futuristic funk.


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