Review: I Lost On Jeopardy

A heartwarming tale about losing.

By Jean-Paul Fournier: BTR Writer and Bunkum Enabler

George Buri recounts the events leading up to his obsession and desire to be a contestant on Jeopardy and the inspiring and emotional results drawn from the spoiler title. The first half works as a documentary-style spoken word, giving the history of the show, the ins, and outs of how it works, and even breaking down the missteps of the 80s home board game. This shifts gears onto the contestants and their unrelenting passion and fixation to become not only contestants but to become champions. All this information builds up his own personal experience on the show, along with the characters affected by the same exhilarating episode.

The story is both fascinating, delivering behind the curtain information of one of the most popular game shows of all time, as well as uplifting and heartfelt, in its honesty and humbleness. Buri’s enthusiasm is catchy and while we already know the outcome, his storytelling ability still has you in suspense rooting for a different outcome and inspired by the ending more valuable than the initial conclusion.

I took in this show online. If you do get the choice to see this live or online, I would highly recommend the live showing. While Buri’s tale is the selling point, he uses a large screen to show clips and pics along the journey. The setup for the online show is set straight on, catching the reflection of one of the spotlights in the back. This does cause some sequences to lose some of their visibility. Otherwise, the online set is still live and it’s great to hear audience members’ laughter along the way. But if online is your only option, the story is still worth capturing one way or another.


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