Review: DieNasty

Edmonton’s live improvised Soap Opera returns to the Fringe with their first-rate brand of sophisticated silliness.

Jean-Paul Fournier: BTR Writer and Hornet Threatener

This year’s edition of DieNasty is set in a modern-day Fringe festival, allowing the blend of screwball characters to prepare for their own unique performances, critique their cohorts acts, and engage in murder, all the time maintaining the new Fringe Safety measures along the way.  

Accompanied by the incredibly talented Paul Morgan Donald, DieNasty delivers top of the line improvisational entertainment. It is very easy to get swept up in the playful atmosphere, as the cast joyfully deliver gags ranging from clever, to goofy, to absurd, and during Saturday evening’s performance, even dropping a frank yet crowd supporting commentary of political denial, only to finishing off with a musical number that had the audience in stitches.    

As live shows go, “DieNasty” is certainly a must see.  It embodies all the uplifting qualities of live theatre, good laughs, playful performances, and engages is the adventurous spirit of unpredictability.  

If there are still some reservations about attending a live performance, due to our current climate, I would like to compliment the staff and volunteers at the Varscona Theatre. While the Fringe grounds are decorated profoundly with posters confirming that masks are mandatory for indoor shows, the line ups consist only of people wearing masks, and reminders are given to people when they purchase their tickets, there will still be individuals that tend to miss all these generous servings of signals. And to maintain a safe and fun environment, the professionalism, kindness, and thoroughness of the staff and volunteers was highly commendable. Their efforts provided the perfect environment to allow everyone the comfort to enjoy the show at its fullest.   

“DieNasty” as always, is a sheer delight. 


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