Preview: Recipe For Normal

The show according to the artist:

A woman juggles her career, family, sex addiction, and alcoholism! A recipe for normal? Portrayed in sometimes shocking, always heartfelt words and imagery. An emotionally raw depiction of her spiral into the darkness and how slowly she finds her way back to acceptance, forgiveness and a better life.

  • Drama
  • $15.00 inc $3.00 fee
  • 14-August 22, 2021
  • 60 minutes
  • The Grindstone – Studio
  • subvenueThe Grindstone – Studio
  • 14A

The show according to our ridiculous questions:

Q: Your long lost uncle has since returned from living in a coal mine in Georgia. He doesn’t really like theatre. Using your favourite line from your show, try to coax him into going to it.    

Veryl Coghill: Who pissed in my cornflakes this morning?

Q: If your show was an animal what animal would it be?   

VC: A bat given the spiritual meaning of transition.

Q: If your show were a ghost, what type of ghost would it be and what would it haunt?  

VC: A drunk ghost haunting beer bottles trying to drink them before the consumer!

Q: If your show were in a job interview and had to answer the question “What are your three best traits?”, how would it answer?  

VC: Persistence, justification and honesty

Q: Would you trust your show to babysit your horse? 

VC: Not at the beginning of the show. Maybe at the end. 

Q: What is your favourite kind of pizza? 

VC: Thin crust pepperoni and mushroom.

Q: What is the one thing your show doesn’t like about you but puts up with? 

VC: My enthusiasm

Q: Does your show have a criminal record? 

VC: Yes. For stealing and drunk driving

Q: Out of all these questions, which was your favourite and which answer was a lie? Animal question is my favorite and criminal record is a lie. 

VC: The show never got caught. 


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